Crisis / Issues Management

We Help Clients Deal With Even The Most Challenging & Unexpected Issues


Clear communication with stakeholders, including the public, is never more important than in a crisis. We help clients manage serious issues and crisis situations by working with them to develop and execute a clear and strategic communications plan.

When client reputations are on the line, we know how important it is to react quickly and accurately. We have the real world experience that makes us uniquely qualified to provide effective damage control in fast-changing, high-pressure situations.

Preparation is a key line of defense in dealing with any crisis. We help clients develop crisis management plans to deal with even the most challenging and unexpected events and issues.

That preparation includes:

  • predicting how the crisis will unfold
  • predicting possible outcomes on the client
  • developing key messages that address the crisis honestly
  • making sure the client understands the legitimate public interest
  • training credible client spokespersons in message delivery

Crisis and Issues Management