Media Training

Media Training - TA/SC Courses


Half Day Course

This three-hour interactive seminar is designed as a refresher course or brief introduction to more intense training and requires the active participation of trainees. It engages them in video analysis, role playing and communications problem-solving exercises. Participants receive Jim Maclean’s “Basic Principles of Media Relations and Issues Management” booklet at the conclusion of the course, which covers the course materials. Training is done at a site of the client’s choosing.

Full Day Course

The full day course begins with the same 3-hour seminar session that comprises the half day course. Following a lunch break, the afternoon is spent in front of the camera being interviewed by Jim Maclean. Interviews are played back, critiqued, and repeated to improve the skills of the participants.

Topics covered in media training include:

  • Introductions of participants and discussion of their media experiences & course expectations
  • What is News?
  • Good News and Bad News
  • News versus advertising
  • Who are the media and what do they want?
  • Media bias/deadlines/attitude toward the media
  • Developing, delivering and staying on message
  • Effective answering